Why so happy?

[Risk No. 383 & 384] My son and I had finished our hardware store errands and were walking back to the car when I waved and greeted an older man with a friendly hello. “Why are you so happy this morning?,” came his inquisitive remark. I shared how Jesus lived in me and I couldn’t help but be full of joy (and to top it off Jesus had just completely healed Wonda’s elbow at the Lowe’s check-out station, that’s always extra reason for rejoicing). I felt he was having trouble with his knees and asked. He was, but “my Doctor takes care of them.” Why do you ask? Shared how Jesus loves to heal and that He’s a great doctor. “No thanks, I’ll stick to my doctor.”

Ok, God bless you all the same and have a great day! One thing we can’t do is force love on people. We can do our best to offer what we carry and be an encouragement even when rejection is the outcome. What God might do long after we’re gone!