[Risk No. 391] I met Eric while walking through the mall with an oversized pink bag. Yep, a bit awkward and maybe too much information. I promised early on in this blog to be honest, so please know that I love my wife and 17 years of marriage is a miracle worth honoring even in the lesser of ways. Eric had a pretty extreme limp as a result of being born with cerebral palsy. I greeted him and introduced myself. When I asked if I could pray that Jesus healed him he shared that he believed he didn’t need healing and that God had given him this disability for His glory.

I then listened to him share the story of his newborn daughter whom God healed of a lung cavity issue in the womb, resulting in a completely normal birth. Wow, praise God!

I kindly disagreed with Eric on the idea that God gave him the disability and pointed out what glory God might get from his life as a disabled person turned individual made whole. He was kind enough to let me pray and I didn’t pray a bold faith-filled prayer. I prayed about all I could muster in the moment, which came out sounding something like, “Jesus, whatever You would like to do in Eric, have Your way.” He smiled, and thanked me for my willingness to pray.

Early this day I had asked God to continue growing my faith seed – growing isn’t easy and doesn’t always feel great, but it’s vital. Limiting God based on what I’ve seen is to see through too small a lens. More, Lord!