[Risk No. 392] I noticed an elderly lady ahead of me entering Costco with her left ankle bandaged up. She was shocked that I had noticed. It is a little crazy how much I notice these days. Noticing doesn’t necessarily mean I’m stepping out, but God is helping me. “Yes, it hurts so bad from tendinitis which is caused by the medicine I’m taking – and yes you may pray.” Can I place my hand on your ankle? “No!!!!!!”

And that’s when it turned weird….. She became very obviously upset and said, “I love The Lord but that’s going too far. I don’t want anything to do with that, that just scares me.” I tried apologizing for scaring her, that my heart was really just love, but she wasn’t having it. In an effort to calm her down I just moved on and quietly prayed that God would heal her ankle and cause her anxiety/stress to diminish.

Upward and onward!