Tina + 2.

[Risks No. 392-394] Tina was supplying sugar-water demo’s at Costco. I drank one. I asked her how she was and how I could pray. Her husband is who/what she requested prayer for. I heard “diabetes” in my heart and she confirmed it. She was thankful that I would pray and I was grateful that I heard right. Hopeful that I’ll see her again one day for an update.
As I checked out I overheard the cashier complaining to the customer in front of me about her sore legs. “Did I hear you say that your legs were bothering you?” “Yes, you did!” She had done a strenuous work-out and, as a result, her leg muscles were sore. I asked for her hand and prayed peace over her muscles. Encouraged her on how God saw her.
On the way out of Costco I noticed an elderly woman in a motorized chair. I asked if she had any pain and she said, “you know, I was just telling my daughter how great I feel today.” I praised God with her and went on my way.
Note: I did see Tina again and asked about her husband. “He’s doing really well right now!” We praised God together and I reminded her how much Jesus cares for she and her family.