[Risk No. 396] Small still voice obedience. A 26 year old single mother became the focus story of my downtown sejour today as Jesus revealed himself in powerful ways. I met Tiffany on the way home, on the 211 which I chose by random to take, since clearly the 470 is the more ideal choice. That said, after I had a wrestling match with the Lord for a few minutes, let’s just say he “cleared the stage” giving me absolutely no excuse to be disobedient.

Tiffany’s story: Diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17, she went through heavy chemotherapy treatment and lost a ton of weight in the process, and also just had x-rays done on a lump that appeared on her throat, since then has been placed on disability by the government. Unemployed.
I proceeded with permission to pray for her (laying on of hands), for complete healing and restoration of her body. She was completely amazed and thankful. I sensed the need to tell her that Jesus wanted her to give it ALL UP to him, and that she hasn’t done that yet. She was touched by this, said it was true, because she just wants to give up completely, as her life is a complete mess. When she’s having a really tough time, she takes the 211 to a foster home in Pincourt run by a lady by the name of Mary!!! I gave her my email and phone number so she can connect with me to give me updates, as I told her we would be praying for her continually!!! GO TEAM.[PRAYER REQUESTS]

– Complete healing and restoration for Tiffany, protection over her, and her family. Please ask the Lord to continue revealing himself to her!!!

-Pray for Mary! She seems like an awesome person, pray for wisdom and love.

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity it is to be witness to the power of prayer!

– Risk taken by JJ (Wheelwork Community / Montreal, Canada)