[Risk No. 397] One of the joys of my week is taking part in a early morning men’s meeting to pray revival over our city. A friend invited me for a post-prayer coffee. We strolled into the narrow coffee Headquarters and were first in line. Two women came in right behind us. I thought I heard the word “painter” in my heart. As the ladies walked past our table on their way out I took the risk. “Are either of you a painter, by chance?” The one pointed at the other and they both looked at me puzzled. Turns out they were mother/daughter and the mother was indeed a painter. “I am, but why do you ask?”

I opened my mouth; by grace Holy Spirit filled it. “I think you are discouraged and maybe about to give up on painting but God wants to remind you today that He’s given you this gift and that He’s with you. Be encouraged.” She was shocked and could hardly believe that God would speak so clearly and obviously to her. My friend and I were able to pray over her struggling painting business. I then felt that she was having knee issue. I asked. She was. We prayed over her knees. She was missing her right arm so I asked what had happened. “Cancer.” “I realize this might be the craziest offer you’ll get this week, but can I pray that Jesus grows your arm back?” I mean, come on, why not pray impossible prayers? She smiled, shrugged, and said, “Go for it, that would be amazing.” We prayed restoration and commanded the arm to grow back. No arm instantly reappeared (I look forward to that day that a limb does grow out. Faith is certainty of what I don’t see!) but I was overjoyed by all that God had already done and praised Him for it.

I was hugged and my heart was running full. As the mother/daughter-duo walked out, she turned to me, “I really needed that”. We all need the reminder that God is closely clued-in, He’s far more so than we even know.