[Risk No. 398] Sharon was limping the morning I met her. Our kids were both taking horse-back riding lessons many miles outside of town. Sharon had retreated to the shade of her car (it was muggy Southern hot) when my wife asked if I’d retrieve a book from our car for her to read. “Ok, this is it,” I thought. Either I ask this lady if I can pray now or I never will. I mean, what are the odds that I’d ever see her again? I approached her open window and shared how I had noticed her limping and wondered if it was a problem with her legs. “Doctors have wanted to replace my right knee for 17 years.” Wow. I expressed the heart God’s given me for healing and asked if I could pray. “I totally believe in God’s power to heal!” That’s just about the best “yes” you could ever ask for.

Before prayer we began talking music industry and realized that we shared many common friends. Two minutes turned twenty and it dawned on me that Beth was probably wondering where in the world I had gone. I ran back to where she was and called her over to pray with us. I introduced my wife to Sharon and shared a bit of the story she had shared with me. We prayed healing over her knee and prayed grace over her life. God kept bringing the word “Shannon” to mind. When I looked it up on Google the name essentially meant wise river. I shared this with her and we encouraged her. Pain had left her knee and she seemed massively encouraged. Beth shared a very sweet prophetic word about her son.

The amazing thing about Sharon is that she’s the first person I’ve taken a risk with that has actually invited our family over for dinner. We had a blast and were able to continue praying with/for her. Even if one in 1,000 risks results in a dinner and a growing friendship, they’re absolutely well worth it. Risk!