Learning to love.

[Risks No. 399 – 414] Some Fridays I’ll try spending an hour or two during my day just walking around the local shopping area, offering to pray or love on people. Here’s a brief overview of how things went on this particular Friday as I was out with a couple friends.

Charles – God gave me a word about his back hurting as we walked past him working at the house next to the office. He wasn’t in pain but did deal with back issues. We prayed for him and encouraged him.

Man inside Dollar store – using a cane, word of knowledge about his knee. We prayed, pain went down some but he wouldn’t allow us to pray again. Said, “my Doctors will take care of me.” Tried encouraging him that Jesus would take care of it right now. No dice.

Roy – Prayed for his back post-surgery. All pain left. He prayed for us. He still wanted to use his cane as precaution. I challenged him to ask Jesus whether or not he still needed the cane. Employee at Dollar store politely kicks us out.

Polite lady that kicked us out of Dollar store – was able to encourage her despite being asked to leave. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Stephanie –  Back and mental issues. We prayed over her and the special assistance van pulled up. They were looking at us with suspicious eyes, many do. Praying for strangers is not yet the norm. Kingdom come!

The two friends with me prayed for a woman with leg issues.

I checked out a Redbox and noticed a woman dropping off her cart. Sensed God was going to give me a word for her. He did and she was encouraged. Smiles and hugs, they rule!

Prayed for lady in motorized wheelchair – leg issues. All pain left. We were able to encourage her.

Went inside Kroger and saw a couple people I had prayed for in the past. Said hello to them and asked how they were. Both seemed thrilled to see me. Praise God!

Tried praying for a man’s hunched back. He was “Ok” with me praying but not right there on the spot. We huddled as he limped away and prayed God would touch him anyway.

Encouraged the guy and girl at the check-out lane.

Prayed for John, a tall man smoking a cigarette outside the store. Asked how we could pray for him. “Finances.” We prayed and he expressed his heart-felt gratitude.

“Prophet” man. 86 years old. Found him loading his wheelchair off the car lift. Asked if we could pray. “Sure.” Asked if I could place my hand on his shoulder only to receive a strong reprimand from him; “Just leave me alone!” I apologized for obviously having frightened or annoyed him. Much to my surprise he ended up tracking us down in Aldi’s and apologized for being rude to us. He then told us he was a prophet and that the “spirit” inside him had told him the Bible was a lie and that Jesus did not exist. He tried convincing us that we ought not believe in Him. I tried convincing him that He ought to repent and believe in Jesus. It was almost comical, as I thought, “this man is trying to convince me not to believe in the King of the universe. He has no idea how much Jesus has already convinced me.” After a few minutes we went about our day as the man seemed entirely unwilling to hear us out. I even suggested he could pray for us if we could pray for him. “Let’s trade prayers!” No go. Lord, please heal this man’s broken heart and mind.

Man at the end with a walker. When asked if we could pray for him, he responded with, “no I’m doing OK.” We blessed him and prayed God would move in his heart and body long after we were gone.