Alex and pal.

[Risk No. 415]  Alex and his friend work occasionally on the water tower up above our property (we live on a steep hill). They had realized early on that walking up our drive was brutal and asked if they could park in the driveway. “Of course.” As I headed out for a early morning jog, I noticed Alex and his friend eating breakfast in his car. I was able to say hello to them in Spanish and ask how I could pray for them. They both wanted general prayer, which typically means, “we have no idea how transparent to be because this is a really random question that is rarely asked!” Ha. True. But God is love! I prayed in English and asked Jesus to continue knocking on the doors of their hearts and pull them into His kingdom. Asked if Alex’s friend had back problems. He didn’t. I missed the word but God gave me a lovely opportunity to pray for and encourage them – almost all in Spanish. I was stoked! They were surprised.