Father & son.

[Risks No. 416 – 421] One of the kindest compliments I’ve ever been given was from my son, David. when we asked him what goals he had for the year, his spiritual goal was to be more like daddy. Wow. Beth asked what he meant. “I want to pray for more people like Dad does.” My heart nearly broke in two. As a result of our goal convo, I’m trying to be more proactive about taking time with David specifically to love on others. Last week we spent some time out looking for opportunities to love. Here’s an overview of a really sweet father/son time!
We started talking with Pauline at Lowe’s about My tattoos and Jesus. Asked how David and I could pray for her. “Arthritis.” We prayed. David noticed the man next in line with his eyes closed under the shade of his sunglasses. We went back to check on her several minutes later and she was actively moving her wrists around checking for pain/tightness. No pain, no tightness!
Kay, walking out of Walmart. She was limping and received our offer to pray. She had experienced 9 hip replacements! We prayed strength and grace over her body. Felt one leg was shorter as a result of the replacements. Her right leg was shorter. There was no chair in sight and I commanded her leg to grow despite the fact that I couldn’t sit her down anywhere (which is the way I’ve seen God grow out legs). She didn’t feel immediate change but was grateful we would pray.
Lady in motorized wheelchair headed towards check out as we walked in. “Hi! How are you?” “Do I know you?” came her startled response. “Not yet.”  “Are you guys Mormons? Jehovah’s Witnesses?” No. “Radical Christians?” Stumped! “We do really love Jesus. Can we pray that He heals you?” – “Good luck!” She and motorized wheelchair were off. Rejection hurts, but Jesus promised it. Fear of man hurts worse. Forgive people, bless them despite how you’re treated and move along.
Paula and Charles. Paula’s right leg had been causing her problems for months. We prayed and pain/tightness began lessening. Another lady shopping in the same aisle seemed to scoff at my praying. She walked by making comments about how this was Wal-mart (and apparently not a place to pray) I blessed her and wished her a great day. Prayed again for Paula and pain had gone down drastically. Asked Charles if he had back pain. Nope. Pain anywhere else? “Yeah, in my feet.” Held hands and prayed over his feet. Prayed specifically against planner fasciitis. He looked up and said, “that’s what I have.” He walked around a bit and experienced mild change. I encouraged them that Jesus was faithful and would finish the work.
Lady at check-out. Do you have any problems in your knees? “Yes!” Is it arthritis? “Yes!” We prayed and the first thing she noticed was the pain dropping from a 10 to a 5. She then said, “and my shoulder has been hurting but it feels fine now.” Prayed a second time and all pain/discomfort was gone. She was thankful and gave me a hug. God is good – even on the days where I am rejected, see some breakthrough (but definitely not as much as I expect), and witness complete restoration.
Thank You God for growing David and I through it all. Help us never love your signs and wonders more than the people we’re called to point to the Sign and Wonder.