Kathy +.

[Risks No. 422 – 424] Sometime last year I was meeting a friend at a great Sushi joint south of town. On the way there I received a faint thought of a middle-aged woman with long brownish-black hair whose right shoulder was causing her pain and whom Jesus was going to heal. I wasn’t sure whether this was Holy Spirit or just my imagination. As I walked through the door, I noticed a woman who resembled the picture I had received minutes prior. I asked about her right shoulder and it had indeed been bothering her for weeks. I told her I had to pray for it and she responded, “that is so strange!” Yeah, I know it is. “No, you don’t understand. This is so weird. I moved down here from New Jersey and God’s given me the same gift He’s given you. I get words of knowledge for people and see them healed. It’s just never happened to me before!” Ha. What an insanely good God!

We prayed and her pain left and shoulder felt completely fine. She shared with me the story of a woman who had walked into Starbucks (in New Jersey) in tears from the Doctor’s report that she had just miscarried her first child. Kathy and her friend were able to pray over this woman; she gave her heart to Jesus on the spot in response to their small act of love. They prayed healing and hope over her body. Two weeks later, she returned to the medical clinic only to be told that they must have made a huge mistake because her child was alive and well in her womb! Months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Crazy!

On this occasion, and another meeting at Wild Ginger, Kathy was once again greeting me with a sweet smile. “Oh, I remember you!” We chatted for a while and I had just discovered that Kathy had written a brand new book. You can check it out/pick it up on Amazon here.

Kyle was our waiter this time and I felt God gave me a word for him. The word was “treasure” and he needed the reminder that God treasured Him and His relationship with him.

I asked the girl bussing our table if she had any back pain. She didn’t. Blessed her and thanked her for who she was.

Walking a life of the Spirit is scary, wild and liberating. If we live by the Spirit, let us walk by the Spirit.