[Risk No. 425] Our church recently moved and hosted a block party to celebrate the move. Some of the local neighbors attended including a family whose son had what appeared to be a tumor on the right side of his head/face. I looked for an opportunity to introduce myself and offer to pray. I’ve now seen two brain tumors healed this year, not sure I ever thought I’d be saying that. God is good and brain tumors pale in comparison to His power. It was a hot day and Jonas (the boy with the tumor) had suffered a seizure (which I came to find he suffers from regularly). I was able to meet he and the family briefly as they returned home and prayed briefly over Jonas. I had hoped for a more focused time of prayer but thanked God for the opportunity, albeit brief.

A week or two later, I exited our men’s Friday early morning prayer meeting and as I turned left down the busy road, who other than Denise (Jonas’ mom) and her son Michael and granddaughter, Angel. What are the odds? I quickly pulled over and hopped out of the car. I reminded them that I had briefly met them at the block party and asked how Jonas was. “He’s at home and continues to suffer multiple seizures. The doctor’s are watching multiple brain tumors.” I was able to explain the heart God has given me for healing and offered to make myself available anytime to pray for Jonas. I believe God would love to heal him and I’ve now seen God heal brain tumors.

I felt that Denise was in pain and asked. Indeed, she had been diagnosed with one of the many pain-causing diseases (I can’t recall which one it was). I prayed, asking Michael to place his hand on her shoulder. Commanded pain to leave and strength to come. All pain left. She was encouraged and surprised and asked for my contact information. I have yet to hear from her but I’m praying God gives me an opportunity to pray for Jonas. Pray with me!