[Risk No. 427] Stephanie was working at David’s favorite post-soccer stop (The Dog, a local specialty Hot Dog restaurant). I shared with Stephanie how I felt God saw her. “I see you as the kind of person that looks forward to the next challenge. You see possible when others see impossible.” She was puzzled, “wait, who did you say told you that?” God did. Does it make any sense to you? “Yeah, totally!” Awesome, God loves you! Prophetic words don’t have to be complicated to be profound to someone.

One week later David wanted The Dog again. Guess who smiled at us, “I remember you!”? “I remember you too!” I asked how Stephanie was doing and told her last time I had been in my back had been hurting and I wondered if she dealt with any back issues. “No, not back issues.” Pain anywhere else? “Not pain, but I’ve been dealing with nightmares for four years and I don’t sleep well as a result.” Oh wow, I was way off but can I pray that Jesus helps you anyway? “Yes, that would be great.” I asked for her hand and from across the counter commanded nightmares to end and true peace to come.

While David and I were eating I couldn’t help but think that Stephanie did not know Jesus but that was all about to change. Before we left I asked if she considered Jesus her best friend. “No, not really.” Well, I think He’s about to become your best friend. I encourage you to ask Him to be your best friend and to start showing you what that looks like. The reason that these different things have happened is purely because Jesus thinks your amazing and loves you like crazy. Her smile spelled, “this is so weird but yet it’s so right.” She thanked me profusely for caring for her and I didn’t sense that I was to lead her to Jesus on the spot, though I’m confident I could have. Instead, I felt God asked me to pray that close Christian friends around her would rise to the occasion.

On the way home David said, “Dad, I feel like we should ask God to help her become a Christian before this year is over.”

We prayed just that.