[Risk No. 432] I noticed a man retrieving a walker before I noticed his struggling wife Terese. As we made our way into church (which shares a building with a wonderfully gracious and sweet Baptist Church) I detoured from my family and introduced myself to Terese and her husband. I asked what was happening and she shared how her right hip had been replaced 7 weeks ago and now her left hip needed replacement. Are you in pain? “Oh, honey, my pain’s at a 10 right now!” I’m very sorry, but Jesus is here to help. We prayed and her pain began lessening. I walked for a distance with the couple, encouraging them and reminding them how much Jesus is the same today as he was 2,000 years ago. Thank you, God, even for opportunities to pray for others on the way into church. I trust You to finish the work in Terese’s life and body. You are amazing, God!