Child-like Risks.

[Risks No. 433 – 447]

Before the school year began we asked our kids what their spiritual, physical and educational goals were for the year. The idea was to help them aim at something they felt was important. David (8) told us he’d like to be more like dad. Wow, that’s flattering! Beth (my wife) asked what he meant. “I want to pray for more people like dad does.” I was honestly blown away. Since that time, David and I have made an effort to set time aside dedicated to loving others in addition to living love intentionally. Never did I know in this risk-taking journey that my family would come along.  Here’s a quick overview of our time:
1. Fay had nerve issues and arthritis – marked by the big brace around her neck and immobilizers on her knees. When we met her, her pain level was an 8 out of 10. She was happy to allow us to pray. We prayed twice, all pain and tightness was gone and we were able to release a ton of love on her. Patsi, another older woman none of us had met, joined us and prayed with us. Super sweet!
2. Donald was the banker I made a deposit with. When asked how we could pray, he just looked at us kind of funny and said he was Ok.
3. I overheard a Kroger employee, Donald, talking to someone about wanting to quit smoking. We prayed for him later that Jesus would break off his addiction. He was so stoked that we would pray and seemed extremely grateful. (I made clear that we had overheard him talking b/c at first his jaw dropped with a “how do you know that” kind of expression).
4. Brittany – upcoming wedding. Her fiancé, Jeff, showed up. Herniated back. Was hurting bad. Prayed, no pain. Blessed and encouraged them.
5. Julie was by the candy. We prayed for her daughter giving birth to her first granddaughter.
6. Fran, breathing issues from pretzels. Prayed for her. She nearly had a serious breathing episode. Thank you, Jesus.
7. Old man and old woman, prayed and prophesied over them that they have been a great contribution to our city. “Why, yes we have!” Haha, God is good.
8 – 10. Three girls in smoothie King. Prayed over or encouraged each of them. Had prophetic word about sister to one. Amy had stomach issues. Some relief but not 100%.
11 – 12. Target, first two ladies reject us. One doesn’t want to pray while at work so as not to offend anyone from another religion. Other had a problem too big for Jesus to heal. Tried convincing her otherwise but she wouldn’t have it.
13. Kate, ankle issues and melanoma. Can we pray for you? Sure! It was awesome.
14 – 15. Had words or encouragement for 2 other ladies at Target.
I shot a sweet video of David’s response after this time out. He didn’t feel comfortable with me sharing it publicly but he said something that I felt was so profound. I had asked if he was scared to approach people. “Yes.” Were you afraid? “No.” It is a bit nerve-racking to approach strangers, but the Holy Spirit empowers us for the opportunity at hand.