[Risk No. 448] Calling customer service representatives and then asking Jesus to be glorified can turn incredibly fun! Come&Live! needed some fancy envelopes printed and I found a place online and needed help. I ended up speaking with Shashana in Jamaica. Who knew? God. We talked about what Come&Live! was and I could tell by her reaction that she loved Jesus. I asked how I could pray for her and she just started laughing. Shared the testimony that since January of this year she was healed of Asthma and hasn’t needed her inhaler once. Praise God! She asked me to pray that she would gain a closer walk with Christ. Wow, great thing to ask for and dangerous prayer to pray.

We prayed and I felt God show me that he was going to use her to travel the world and deliver the Gospel. “That has actually been spoken over me but sometimes I feel that I put God in a box and don’t believe He could use me in such a way.” Don’t we all. Numerous amazing truths came out of her mouth, including:

“When my pastor says, “God is able,” I believe God is able!”

In reference to Jesus, “I just love Him!”

“When I’m sitting in my office I sometimes wish I could be somewhere praying for someone. I love praying for people!”

Is it any surprise that God divinely connected us? There’s always a first for everything. This was one of those!