[Risk No. 449] So, tonight, we had played with the kids, talked with some parents at the play ground and prayed for a couple of people.  It was good, but nothing amazing happened, but still good relational connections.  So, we went down to the skate park area.  I took Josiah and Olivia away to watch the sunset and pray near the river while Scott went over to the other kids with Daniel on his shoulders.  He was trying to talk to a skater who was sitting on a bench.  This guy was not interested at all.  But, another man approached.  He was a parent of one of the kids skating.  I was praying for Scott for the prophetic to be released, asking God would give him a word, etc. while watching from afar.

The parent was still hanging around and Scott engaged him in conversation, but it was getting late and our kids were ready to get to the car, getting antsy.  But, the guy kept talking with us even while we were walking.  Distracted by our kids we got to our van and Scott said, “I think I heard something for that guy.  Something about his wife and him being separated.”  I agreed and said I felt the Lord was in it.  After the kids were buckled down, Scott waited for the man to leave the park in his car.  His car was filled up with other youth too, besides his own son.  Two or three other kids were in the back.  So, Scott waves him down and asks him about his family, his wife, etc.  The man tells Scott that he and his wife are separated and today was the first day she went to church since they were separated.  Scott asks if he wants prayer and he reaches out and grabs Scott’s hand to receive prayer, really eagerly. 

The cool thing is all these kids were watching this take place, close and personal, while Scott prayed.  His own son was watching this happen too!  At the end the man said, “I guess I need to go back to church.  I used to go and I was involved in a men’s Bible study.”  He asked Scott where he went.  So they exchanged phone numbers and I think they’ll likely meet up. – Scott & Molly

Lord Jesus, we pray for his marriage and the many just like it. Bring separated spouses back together in the beautiful union of marriage and draw their hearts to Yours!