Wade & Emma Jean.

[Risks No. 454 & 455] We recently upgraded the Come&Live! offices from beast to beauty. We’ve been long overdue for a makeover. On the hunt for quality wood planks, I met Wade. If anyone’s met Toby from the band Emery, he reminded me of a cross between Toby and one of the Duck Dynasty guys. He was hilarious and gave me the hardest time over the “ugly grey wood” I was hunting for. We walked (and rode a giant fork lift) all over this lumber yard and finally found everything I was looking for.

Towards the end of check-out I asked Wade if he had any pain in his body. Knees, heart, feet and right shoulder all had issues. Can I pray? “Sure.” We prayed and I’ve never seen a hat come off faster. Asked him to walk around and check out his body. “Well, sometimes the pain comes and goes.” So there’s zero pain or discomfort right now? “Yeah.” I felt to share with him the reality of the enemy’s desire to steal, kill, destroy. And encouraged him if the pain was to come back, to rebuke it in the powerful name of Jesus.

Emma Jean was in the office building helping me determine how much the wood I was buying would set me back. I encouraged her and asked how I could pray. She shared a story with me that the greatest encouragement she had ever received was when a customer came to the wood mill and told her that every-time he was there it was like going to church. She glowed. Isn’t that the key to Christian living? Everywhere we go, church (in its purest form – love) happens.