[Risks No. 458 – 466] These risks are combined due to the fact that I took a family vacation and nearly forgot to add these notes to drafted blogs. Typically, my system is to risk, write a few key details in my notes app, then later write the blog and add it as a draft to be posted. If anything, I’ve found that keeping up with the risks poses a real challenge. Thank You, Lord. What a ride it’s been.

Victoria had back issues and pain. We prayed and I was able to love on her. Pain gone. Jesus made a bit more famous.

Sylvia, knee issues, pain gone – prayed also for her weight problems.

Elizabeth + lady in line, shared how God saw them. Encouraged them.

Man walking with a limp outside Target. “Hey, do you have knee issues?” He kept on walking away from me but said he did have knee issues. “Can I pray for your knees?” Sure, go ahead – all the while he’s walking away from me. Ha, maybe I should have chased after him. Prayed quietly to God.

Maria at Starbucks, saw her as a deep well. She is deep and gives of herself freely. Blessed and hi-fived her.

Teenager on crutches, rolled his ankle 3 times, prayed for it and reminded him Jesus loved him. Try putting a little pressure on it. “It feels numb and doesn’t hurt as bad.” His friends looked at him like, “that was the weirdest thing ever.” Pretty sure “weird” is becoming my new normal.

Elise at The Pharmacy. Shared how I’m a follower of Jesus and he sometimes speaks to me about people. Shared how she persevered, dodged bullets, and had been having a hard time finding rest. A season of rest is coming. You are amazing and God loves you so much. She was blown away.