Scott & Rita.

[Risks No. 467 & 468] I met my pastor pal Scott at Local Taco. He works at a local church in town and just has a way of asking some of the best questions ever. We shared a wonderful time together. Earlier in the day I had asked Jesus if there was anything He wanted to share with Scott through me. God gave me two VERY specific words/thoughts. I gave my prophetic disclaimer when I sense God has given me a specific word beyond a simple encouragement/reminder. This disclaimer helps set so many skeptical hearts at ease. Here it is: 1. I could be wrong. 2. There’s no pressure. If I’m wrong, please tell me so I can repent and ask God for greater grace in this area.

One of the prophetic words had to do with a resource project (come to find out Scott’s working on a Bible translation resource!) and the second was a personal issue pertaining to his wife. He was highly encouraged (as was I) and one of the lines out of his mouth that stuck with me most was: “This was the first time I’ve received a word like this that didn’t set me on guard. There was true humility in your delivery. Wow!” Jesus please help us only deliver words rooted in true humility. Guard us and others from pride. Any delivery other than a humble one is dangerous water. At the same time, humble doesn’t mean lacking in boldness. Humility and boldness seem to walk comfortably hand in hand.

Note: Rita was our server at Local Taco and I asked how I could pray for her. “Just in general.” No problem! We prayed a quick blessing that brought a smile to her face.