[Risk No. 469] Larry was selling Indian corn and miniature pumpkins on the east side of the Hwy 100. I noticed him while driving past. He was in a wheelchair and missing his left leg from the knee down. I thought to myself as I continued driving, “why wouldn’t you stop on your way back and pray for him?” Well, in reality, several things keep me from risking in general and in cases like this:

It’s inconvenient for me and I can at times place a greater premium on convenience than Christ or treating others as I would like to be treated.

I’ve prayed for a hand-full of limbs to grow back (not grow out, I’ve seen that on many occasions) but I mean creative miracle – something where there is currently nothing. What I have NOT seen would love to keep me from what Jesus DOES see.

Through this journey, I continue to ask God to make me more like Jesus. I invite the Holy Spirit to help. Love is what gets me over myself.

On my way back toward home I pulled over and purchased mini pumpkins and Indian corn. I asked Larry what happened to his leg. “Diabetes.” Do you still have it. “Yes.” Can I pray two crazy prayers over you? 1. That diabetes would be cursed and leave your body. 2. That your left leg grows back 100% normal as the right? He looked at me funny. “Well, I guess so.” We prayed and I invited Jesus to become all the more famous in and through Larry. I didn’t see his leg grow back but I rolled away knowing in my heart that stopping was a whole lot closer to Jesus than driving by.