[Risk No. 470] Our family took a much needed vacation to the Florida panhandle. Amidst what has been an extremely busy season for me, the respite fell right on my 40th birthday. It was the first beach birthday experience since growing up as a midwest kid on a tiny Caribbean island. Several days prior to our trip I had the idea to do something risk-related, not so much to celebrate my birthday, but to celebrate God’s goodness in my life and that might prophetically serve as a reminder of who God is making me. The idea came, and it stayed: offer to pray for at least 40 people on my 40th. (More on this soon!)

One thing about vacations for people attempting to lead a life of risk is that unless you lock yourself in a room (tempting some days!), people are always around. There is a fine line balanced between radical obedience and sheer works. That line of demarkation in the sand is love. Love never goes on vacation. As long as people are breathing, as Bill Johnson coined, you and I owe them an encounter with God.

Our first stop on the trip south from Nashville was Starbucks in Athens, AL. Jenny politely took my order and I asked how I could pray for her. She paused, then told me of a a friend in the hospital with a serious blood clot. I offered my hand, she took it. I asked King Jesus to be ever near her friend and commanded blood to flow unhindered. Smiles.