[Risk No. 471] Second stop enroute to sun and beaches: small run-down gas station in Luvergne, AL. Theo & the gas clerk were talking as I purchased a Starbucks doubleshot. Asked how I could pray. Both said they were fine. That usually means that either A. They are completely caught off guard by the question and can’t think fast enough under the pressure of me asking, or B. They likely don’t know how good Jesus is and that He can be trusted to hear and cherish their requests.

As I hung the nozzle back on the gas dispenser I noticed Theo heading my way, waving and hollering at me. I thought I was in trouble. Instead He asked if I was a minister. That’s a sweet thought but how in the world do I justly answer that? No, I’m not ordained. Yes, I minister? Ha. Theo shared how the small Baptist church he attended all his life just received sad news that very morning of their pastor’s resignation. Additionally, his wife suffered from cancer. Could I pray with him?

Will I pray? Can I pray? Oh, the honor to pray for hurting people whom God desperately and deeply loves. Let’s pray! Most people drive by this town never thinking about it until they pass through again. God’s never like that. He cares. Make me more like You, Jesus.