[Risk No. 472] Philip was behind the bakery bar at Publix. David and Sydney have learned that Publix offers free cookies if you’ll only ask. There they were, sugary processed and all kinds of attracted to the kids. Phil helped us with cookies and I asked how we could pray for him. “How can you what?” Pray for you, I repeated. “I’m good.” Any pain? “Nope.” Awkward. Awesome. I wasn’t sensing anything from the Spirit and wasn’t coming up with a quick enough come-back to round the corner out of nope.

Often when people will tell me they’re good, fine, or otherwise not inclined to receive my praying, I’ll ask the Spirit for a quick-draw word of knowledge. I see you as the kind of person that….. (please fill in the blank, Holy Ghost).  I’m not sure there’s ever been a time where He hasn’t filled in the awkward space. That ground is pure faith and He’s more than capable to meet the need. Afterall, He does live in us and exists to bring Jesus fame. On this occasion, though, I sunk away from the challenge. Lord, I’d love to be quicker on my prophetic feet when rejection or awkward moments come. Thanks for helping me!