Jody & Virginia.

[Risks No. 473 & 474] Jody & Virginia greeted me with broad smiles into our families secret Southern paradise, otherwise known as Grayton Beach State Park. We made small talk over keys, rules and how I was not to disturb the ever-illusive turtles. How can I pray for you both? Peace & Serenity came as their desired requests. Interesting considering they practically work in a place I would define as serenely peaceful.

They took my odd offer to hold hands and I blessed them. Jesus showed me a picture of Virginia as a dreamer. She glowed as I shared this little bit of insight. God gave me a simple word for Jody. Note: If I’m ministering to more than one person prophetically, I almost always ask God to give me insight over all those in the group. It just doesn’t seem kind to bless one and not all. Is there any end to God’s goodness?