[Risk No. 475] It’s early on the first morning at the beach and weather is champion. Clear skies, small crowds. My wife has managed to win me over to running. I recently noticed someone wearing the shirt titled, “Running Sucks.” I want that shirt. Truth is, running, though rarely sweat-free, provides me with another outdoor backdrop to worship Jesus and talk with Him. We stopped in at the Grayton General Store to pick up eggs for the kid’s breakfast.

Ann seemed to be in her fifties. I heard the word “arthritis” several times in my heart and asked her about it. Without even skipping a beat, she said, “my husband.” Turns out her husband, Rodney, has dealt with arthritis and back issues for a long while. Can we pray for him? “Sure!” Held hands on the counter and brought Rodney to the throne of grace. Ann was thrilled we’d offered. I was thrilled that I’d heard right, even if my hearing wasn’t directly intended for her.