Forty at Forty.

[Risks No. 476 – 516] If you regularly read this blog, you’re likely already clued in on this post. I wasn’t aiming to make my 40th public knowledge, but it’s hard to explain the heart behind these risks out of context. Plus, being 40 simply places me nearer eternity than most of you :). The heartbeat here was to celebrate God’s goodness over all He’s done in and through my life over the past 40 years and to prophetically declare his ongoing kindness. The question/thought popped into my head, “What if I celebrated Jesus by offering to pray for 40 people on my 40th?” It might be a bit cheesy but who cares? Any effort to learn to love others a bit more like Jesus is worth employing.

I took a couple hours to make an extended supply run and pray for people at Wal-mart. It was a total joy to ask people how I could pray and even share with some of them the whole idea of 40 at 40. Here’s a summary of those I asked to pray for and either what they desired prayer for or their response.

Paula – prayer for Jerry’s arthritis (her husband). Prayed!

Kelley – Less stress.

Jenny – Slower paced life (Kelley & Jenny were together so we held hands in the produce area and prayed. I could tell this was way not normal for them but I was having fun and being relaxed which helped them to do the same. Sometimes saying the obvious, “Lord, we know this is kind of strange, but You just love us so much,” is a nice way to puncture awkward’s balloon.

Eric – full recovery from stroke. This man was beautiful. He had mostly recovered but was still dealing with a speech impediment. We prayed, hugged, and encouraged each other.

Joan – Head cold – commanded it to leave.

Peggy – blessed/encouraged her

Laura – House purchase

Mary – Peace for Sam

Sara – hurting ankles

Lily – prayed a blessing over the kids and asked God to raise them up. These were two moms and two of their kids shopping together. They were so floored by this idea and I kept seeing them walk by me smiling and urging me on. So sweet!

Rose – Her grandma has (had?) cancer

Helen – Sickness

Terry – Sickness (Helen & Terry were together. We prayed that their bodies would grow strong and that sickness would flee)

Noelia – Diabetes – rebuked

Darian – New Job (she cried in response to a word God gave me for her about the skill-set she carries. I took the kids out for ice-cream that same night and who greeted us but none other than Darian! She was so spooked in a good way – thank You, Holy Spirit. ha.)

Buck – Older man with back issues in motorized cart. His back wasn’t hurting him just then. We prayed and he was expressively grateful.

Ken – bad ankle – prayed

Man with a rt. knee brace would not allow me to pray for him. I tried explaining the whole idea of 40 at 40 and how God would love to heal his knee. No go. I did see him a second time around and he congratulated me on my birthday. It was weird, almost felt like he was under conviction for turning me down. I could be wrong.

Patty – “However you want!”

Asked another man whose name I didn’t catch. “I’m good!”

Shirley – Prayed for her heart condition and then God spoke to me quietly about her knee. It was 100% healed and she was wonderfully surprised, praising God.

Jessica – “Oh, that’s really sweet,” upon hearing why I was walking around with a notepad asking how I could pray for people.

Man carrying a pink purse. – “I’m OK.”

Fred – Prayed a blessing over him.

Jillian – Chronic Illness that she’s dealt with for the past 10 years. All pain disappeared and I was able to speak life over her. She was warmly receptive but very much taken aback at the fact that she experienced no pain. This was a high-light for me. Seeing people healed of long-term pain issues is massively encouraging.

Bruce – “Bless you”

Lisa – Blessed her

Tom – Didn’t write a note/can’t recall

Sue – Didn’t write a note/can’t recall

Ryan – Didn’t write a note/can’t recall

Diana – Her mom had fluid on the lungs. We prayed.

Lady – didn’t give me the time of day.

Another woman. – “I’m fine.”

Laurette – “I’m doing fine.”

Completely missed a word on a woman’s back. It was hilariously awkward. “Do I walk funny? Do I have a hunch?” Nope, I just missed a word from God! Sorry!

Karen – the woman’s daughter whose back was not sore. God gave me a great grace and I was able to pray for/encourage her.

Beverly – “I’m sure others need it more than me.”

Anya – noticed her daughter’s cast and asked if it was hurting. It wasn’t. Ended up praying over the whole family. The military father was sizing me up at first and then warmed up to me once he realized I wasn’t out to sell them anything.

Security man. At this point I noticed a store security guard with an ear piece on eyeing me. I asked the Lord what I should do. “Offer to pray for him!” I approached him, introduced myself and thanked him for his service. Offered to pray for him but he kindly turned me down. I didn’t see him again after that.

Stephie – she was originally from Connecticut so we chatted about the Northeast. Was able to pray for and prophecy over her.