Sheila & DeAngela.

[Risks No. 519 & 520] It’s always so good to see old friends. We stopped off at our former Steel-city stomping grounds. Takehold Records anyone? While sipping coffee at a local park shelter we noticed two women walking through the flat/skate area. One had big black glasses and a blind walking stick with tennis ball attached. The other was holding this woman’s arm. I told my pal, Jeff, that we ought to see if we could pray for/with them. We did and they were surprised – at first. They allowed us to pray and I began commanding Sheila’s eyes to see. “Is it degenerative eyesight?” It was. Rebuked degeneration of the eyes. I felt very tempted to not have her test progress. God won. How do your eyes feel? Do you notice any change? “Well, I can see YOU more clearly!” Wow, really? We prayed twice more over her eyes and both times improvement came. “I can see much better on this side and all that cloudiness is gone.”

Jesus ended up giving Jeff and I some very specific prophetic insight over Sheila & her daughter, DeAngela. At one point, Sheila began crying, hugged Jeff and said – “you just told me everything I was talking to God about last night!” It was amazing. Both mother/daughter were massively encouraged and we ended up spending 15 minutes loving on them as though we had been best friends for years.

As we parted ways, Jeff and I watched as Sheila was still holding her walking stick in front of her but the tennis ball wasn’t touching the ground. Turns out there was a big “vision” walk in the park and many people with eye issues were walking for a cure. Jesus? Sheila and DeAngela caught our eyes. This time, she was walking with the cane tucked under her arm pointing BEHIND her with no assistance from her daughter at all!!!

I felt like a major breakthrough had taken place (it had). I have seen things like this happen overseas, but never right here. Sensed the Lord saying, “There is more – stay hungry.” Back on the road my wife asked me why I was so quiet and what had happened at the park with the blind woman. “I’m quiet because I’m still in awe of what God just did!”

There is more. Stay hungry!