[Risk No. 521] Post church lunch-time at ML Rose across the street. Rein was our waitress. I shared a picture of a flower in a dry field and encouraged her that though I saw her life circumstances as having been very challenging, God was grooming her and caring for her through it all. That she had great value and she mattered. While I was talking to her I quietly heard the word “neck” and asked her about it.

“You know, for the past two days my neck has really been bothering me.” She said it so matter-of-factly that I almost thought she was turning me down. We prayed for her neck and pressure subsided. “I feel warm/tingly/good feelings.” Knowing she works the post-church crowd I asked if it was normal for her to be prayed for/encouraged by Christians. “No, actually, I think this is a first and I’ve been in the service industry a long long time.”

More, Lord!