[Risk No. 522] I don’t normally include risks that I take amongst friends as it doesn’t seem those should really be considered risks in the truest sense. In this case, the way in which this word of knowledge came to me, and was confirmed, was worth sharing. My wife and I were praying for Simeon and Johanna after Church, specifically that God would bring clarity into what He has for them in the future. While praying, my right nostril began feeling congested and irritated.

I wondered what in the world was going on and then felt the Spirit saying, “Hello! This is a word.” I asked him which of the two had the condition and sensed that it was Johanna. I asked both just to play it safe. Johanna immediately confirmed that her right nostril had been bothering her and that allergies were going crazy right now. We prayed. God healed. I don’t receive words of knowledge in the form of physical pain as much as I do by way of still small voice, but this gift is one I very much desire to grow in however the Spirit wants to distribute it to me!