A girl God loves.

[Risk No. 528] I met a teenage girl (whose name I forgot to note) at a SoCal Burger place (whose name I forgot to note) with my good friend, Guido (whose name thankfully I did not forget). I asked if she had any pain in her leg and she shared that her right groin muscle was hurting for no apparent reason. We prayed. She wasn’t healed on the spot. Prayed a second time with no obvious results. Encouraged her that I trusted God to complete the work and reminded her of the value she carried.

There’s not enough time in the day to get hung up by the problems/issues we don’t see instantly restored. At the same time, we should always expect a swift response as Jesus did. If you see the person again, ask how they’re doing and pray again. Practice love that never gives up. The obedience is ours – results are God’s.