[Risk No. 530] It felt like much longer than normal waiting in line to acquire the keys for my rental. I was excited for what the Lord had up His sleeves for my time in SoCal. When I was finally called up, I met Enrique. We small talked a bit about how amazing the weather was and how hard it must be for him to live in such a beautiful place. In my heart I asked God how He saw him. “Leader,” was the only word I heard. It’s not rare to receive a (as in single) word that will leave my lips and then turn into many sentences of depth and clarity. Sometimes, though, the word just remains the word. We shouldn’t feel pressure (unless the Holy Spirit is nudging) to deliver words when God may just desire to have us give a single simple word.

Hey, Enrique, I’m learning this practice to talk to Jesus through-out my day and ask Him how He sees people. I asked Him how He sees you and I think He sees you as a leader, someone who listens well and who can be trusted with responsibility. He smiled. I high-fived him for who he was, just celebrated the fact that he’s human and made in God’s image.

Note: I had the thought that he might be, or be thinking, of being a pastor. I didn’t feel this strong enough to say it. I probably should have. No condemnation! Grow and grow.