[Risk No. 532] As David (my 8 year old) and I exited the pool facility, we saw an older man with immobilizers on both knees. We asked Andy why he wore them and introduced ourselves. “Bad knees. I had surgery on them 20 years ago but they just keep getting worse. On top of it, my heart is in such bad shape that the Dr’s won’t operate on them.” Felt compassion stirring. What a good thing to feel!

Asked if I could pray and he responded with, “Well, it’s never helped in the past.” Tried to get him to allow me to place my hands on his knees and help him understand God wanted to heal him and would even do so right now. He wasn’t down for it. It’s OK, but I didn’t want to give up on trying. Shared how many times I’ve seen God heal and that he wasn’t going to be the exception. Still no go. David and I held hands in the car and brought Andy to the throne of grace. Feeling heavy/burdened by all those in need who have no clue how much Jesus has paid to make them whole. The thought is tempting to stop praying for people, but what a selfish hell-inspired thought.

Jesus, help!