Karie & Loresa.

[Risks No. 535 & 536] Karie & Loresa were kindly serving the passengers on the non-stop Southwest flight from San Diego to Nashville. Side-note: non-stops rule! Toward the end of the flight I went to the back for a potty break where I saw Karie and Loresa pouring drinks for one last round of service before our landing. I had heard the word “faithfull,” – yes with two l’s. I began sharing with Karie how I felt God saw her. Loresa began excitedly exclaiming how cool that was and how right-on it was.

In my heart, I asked Jesus for a word for Loresa and shared how I saw her – in this case, I literally had nothing on my head or heart but just felt to trust the Lord, believing He would place the right words in my mouth. Jesus loves me – I’m slowly learning to trust that love. I saw her having a heart for youth. She was shocked at what I shared. I held their hands in the tiny back corner of the plane praying blessings and God’s goodness over them. They thanked me for making their day. I thanked them for making mine.