Mr. A & Mr. G.

[Risks No. 537 & 538] Today I met Mr. A (privacy law) who was being discharged. He was a kind gentleman and upon asking where he was from I discovered he’d been in Nashville for 6 months because of a “mistake.” He then went on to tell me how he’d been driving on I-40 through Tennessee, visiting, when he hit a railroad tie that was in the middle of the interstate, and almost flipped his van which was totaled in the accident. The insurance he had wasn’t full coverage, so he spent the next five months doing carpentry work in the area to save money to buy a new van and drive back home to Colorado. He said he was all ready to go, got a new van, and had money saved up for the trip, when he got suddenly struck by a lung illness from his 40+ years of smoking. This illness was why he was in the hospital, and he was now leaving but still had to use an oxygen tank.

While we were waiting for valet to bring his van around, I finally mustered up the courage and asked if I could pray for him. He said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ There at the curb we held hands, and I prayed for him for about a minute that Jesus would bring healing, and for him to be able to get home safely. As I finished praying, he began to pray for me, ‘Lord, I thank you for this young man, it is obvious that you’ve raised up a good one, and I thank you for allowing me to meet him today…’ I was so blown away and blessed by him praying for me in return, without me even asking. Also, I knew I had a little cash in my pocket and I felt led to give it to him, since he said he’d have to work more again to raise money to get home because of his stay in the hospital. So I told him that I felt led to give the five I had with me. He said, ‘No, I can’t take that, I really don’t need it.’ I replied back that I really felt led to give it to him. Then he responded, ‘How about this, I’ll give it to someone who needs it, in honor of you.’ ‘Deal,’ I told him. We then said goodbye.

The last patient I transported today was Mr. G. Through talking with him, this was his third time in the hospital in four weeks. He has a mystery ailment that the doctors still cannot determine. He is dangerously losing weight, for reasons unknown. Once back in his room, after getting back from the x-ray, I asked him if I could pray for him. He responded by saying, ‘that’s ok, sure, as long as you know that a lot of other people are praying too.’ For whatever reason this reply and his demeanor discouraged me from praying with him right then. I then wished him a good night, and for him to get better soon. As I began walking away down the hall, I silently said a quick prayer for him. – Matt’s first risks/Vanderbilt Hospital