[Risk No. 539] I was picking up a few last minute supplies before heading home at Aldi’s near the office. Since my families visit to Germany last year, Aldi’s always reminds me of the mom and pop market in Krogis where we were situated. Good + random vibes!

As I checked out I wasn’t really thinking about how to pray for the check out lady, or how God might feel about her. On the way out to my car I felt convicted that I had not taken advantage of every opportunity. Keep in mind, conviction is very different than condemnation. Conviction turns me around and imparts grace for the challenging or impossible. Condemnation points my chin down and tries convincing me I’m worthless. Huge difference.

I ran back inside and then shared with Catora how I felt God had wired her. Her face shone. I asked if she was considering being a nurse. She was! I prayed a blessing over her life and her pursuits to care for others.

Drove home grateful for grace.