[Risk No. 540] While driving in today I pulled up as the first person in the left turn lane at the stop light.  A homeless street vendor was selling the paper while seated in a wheelchair. I hate the fact that my drivers-side window has been broken and I have to open my door to talk with anyone (which happens often). First world problems. On a slightly random note, I’ve figured out my window/door problem and will be fixing it as soon as the part arrives. First world solutions.

Robert looked pretty banged up with some major wounds on his face. I apologized for not having any cash on me but asked if I could pray for him. “Yeah, sure.” Do you have any pain in your body? Why are you in the wheelchair? “It’s my legs. Yeah, they’re in pain.” I began praying (awkwardly with one eye on the light and my door ajar) – rebuking pain and commanding his body to work as God designed it. I looked at him and was in awe. Head bowed, eyes closed, both hands raised up to heaven, fully willing to receive. I found myself lost in the Spirit of prayer. A friendly neighbor several cars back honked me down into reality.

Jesus, thank You for Robert. Bless him today and be blessed through him today. Raise us up to go after the Roberts with the love and power of Jesus.