Ernest & Virginia.

[Risks No. 542 & 543] I was meeting Jeremy across the street from the office at the seeming out of place business titled “Cigars.” Maybe Gallatin Rd. represents space for just about any and everything unique to Nashville. The wind was blowing my hair around but not so much so that I didn’t notice the man headed toward me in a motorized wheelchair. As our paths crossed I asked why he was in the chair. “Gunshot wound.” Ernest wasn’t in pain at the time but I asked if he’d be open to me praying for his full and complete restoration. He agreed. Short prayer of healing and blessing over Ernest & Virginia.

After praying, Virginia looked at me and in words that only a southern African-American woman can properly annunciate;  “Now that was a prayer! You are anointed!” Now, anointing or not, the call is obedience. Often times obedience strikes others as truly special – anointed – because it is rarely expressed or experienced in a public sense. I’m convinced that the anointing God desires to place upon us is the power of His Spirit lived through the love of obedient normal every day people.