Sonny & Judy.

[Risks No. 544 & 545] I felt compassion for a man I saw walking with a cane. Everyone has a story, everyone has experienced (or is in) pain. Asking God for greater compassion is a key to growth. Sonny had nearly reached his car when Jeremy and I caught up with he and his wife, Judy. I hate startling people but I hate not taking an opportunity to pray even more.

Shared my heart a bit and asked what was happening in his body. We heard the story of God’s faithfulness over cancer in his life and the 35 treatments he had experienced. He was praising God that the treatments had worked and he was cancer free! I was praising God with him but couldn’t help feeling an expectation in my heart that the work Jesus accomplished was pure and perfect. Rejoice always? – absolutely. Calling 35 Chemo treatments a miracle – not quite. Not once do we see Jesus modeling Himself + treatment. He gave Himself freely. Jesus, take us deeper! Forgive us for how often we run to an assortment of options and not into closer to Your heart. (Note: there’s no room to judge others for the things they do when disaster strikes. As for developing a lifestyle of risk, it’s hard to imagine growing whilst holding fast to a back-up plan.)

Sonny was pain free but dealt with weakness in his legs and a bad back. We Prayed. He felt stronger but didn’t really look it. I didn’t press in, not sure why. Likely my own unbelief. Felt God give me a specific word of knowledge for “right neck and right-sided pain.” Judy’s eyes lit up wide and she expressed issues she had been having on her right side, including her neck. Like her husband, she wasn’t in immediate pain but was more than grateful to receive prayer. Amen. She kissed us on the cheek and hugged us for the gratitude she had that we had stopped and offered to pray.

It is a high honor and privilege to pray for and with others.