[Risk No. 546] Michael was sweeping up before the close at Autozone when I walked in for a last minute engine code reading. I felt a tinge of pain in my left knee and asked if the pain was for him. “No, why do you ask?” He was curiously perplexed as I explained the journey I’m on of developing my spiritual hearing. I encouraged him. One area where I’m praying Jesus continues to grow me this year is in hearing from the Spirit especially after a word of knowledge doesn’t quite work as planned. It could look something like this:

Hey, do you have any pain in your left knee? “Nope.” Oh, cool – well I’m really glad you don’t. The reason I asked is sometimes God gives me clues to what others are dealing with (meanwhile, I quietly ask the Holy Spirit to show me how God sees Michael). You know, Michael, I see you as the kind of person who has a deep longing to study and to pour back into your family and community. I even see you as someone who doesn’t give up and is willing to take initiative even when it’s not required of you. Etc. etc. etc. Simple words of encouragement.

Thank You, Jesus – it’s a joy to be Yours and to lean into You even when my hearing seems off. Help me hear clearly and love loudly.