Randall & Sarah.

[Risks No. 547 & 548] I noticed Randall & his family seated outside the one-and-only coffee shop stop in this small NW Arkansas town. Nothing instantly drew my attention to them until they got up to leave, right as I walked inside. Randall had a odd and severe limp. I wrestled with God and self. I often do.  Just so happens I hit coffee rush hour and there were at least 7 people ahead of me. I certainly couldn’t return home to my wife empty-handed and I didn’t feel like waiting. God got the better of me. I deliberately trailed this precious family (it must have looked odd had anyone been around to notice me). I interrupted their family stroll and introduced myself.

I came to discover Randall’s limp was from a car accident 12 years ago. His fiancé at the time died in the crash and his best friend lost both right limbs. Horrible collision with an 18 wheeler. Dr’s predicted Randall would never walk, talk or live alone. He was doing the talking part quite well and was fully able to look after himself. Prayed for them as he specifically asked for prayer over their marriage. How beautiful? I trail them to pray healing over his body and the prayer he desires most is over his marriage. God cares about every ounce of us. Prayed that what had been smashed in his frontal lobe would begin working again. I asked what he was feeling? “Like a tingly sensation and it’s almost like love has come over my head.” He has! Prayed twice and he began feeling heat and a “presence of peace.”

We walked a little and he explained how he was more obviously aware of how he was taking steps. Just then a childhood friend of his pulled up and Randall began sharing the story of this random guy who stopped to pray for them and that God was healing his body. I said hello, blessed Randall and his family and then jetted back to purchase my wife’s coffee. Felt God gave me a clear release. My heart was floored at the way God had helped me. If you need help risking, ask God. He’s really good at this!