Couple of No-Go’s.

[Risks No. ZERO] I had several opportunities in the past few days to pray for people and I just didn’t. There’s not an ounce of condemnation but I don’t want that to be excuse for becoming lazy and unproductive. This world desperately needs to see God’s love.

We were blessed a couple Sunday’s past to have pastor John Piper speaking at our church. It was great. In the overflow seating out front, I noticed a man with a shriveled (and short) left arm. I proceeded to the bathroom and knew that on my way out I’d still likely see him. I said hello to him and blessed him but didn’t ask if I could pray for him.

David and I entered the corner convenience store to pick up some cokes for a pizza party we were headed to. I didn’t ask the counter man how/if we could pray for him.

Now, it is almost impossible to pray for everybody we come across, and we can begin feeling like this is just another obligation, rather than living from hearts of compassion. We’re called to live hot – full of faith, hope and love – so that those around us see Jesus clearly. Start by asking God to show you just one person a day, a week, a month. Ask Him to grow you from there. He will.

My goal is to be transparent. Most of what I’ve written here includes risks I’ve taken. It’s also important for you to know about the times I don’t step out. God loves me and He’s growing me. He loves you and is growing you, too.