[Risk No. 550] I had to place a call into Bank of America today and spoke with Shaunta. She was kind and informative and helped me with what I needed. I did not sense any specific revelation over her from the Lord but she so clearly set me up. “Do you have any final questions for me, Mr. Johnson?” Well, now that you mention it, I do. How can I be praying for you in 2014? Shaunta was transparent and real about a damaging relationship she had come out of. I asked if I could pray a quick blessing over her life and year. “Sure, that would be fine.” Jesus, thank You for Shaunta. Thank you that she’s made in Your image. I bless her in the name of Jesus and ask that the presence of God would minister to her right now. Lord, may she sense Your nearness and care for her. Heal her hurting heart and remind her how valued she is by You. Amen. “You totally just started my week off wonderfully. Thank you!”