Sue & Kim.

[Risks No. 552 -555] I parked and popped my head into a suntanning spot to ask if they knew where the dry cleaner was. “Right around the corner.” James and I dropped off our shirts and suits for a fresh cleaning. Sue greeted us with a smile and I had a feeling we would be seeing her again. I asked if she would be around when we retrieved our perm-pressed garments. “Yes, I’ll be here.” Cool, I felt God wanted to do something here in this situation but that for some reason I should wait until the pick-up. On the way back out to my car I sensed God was going to give me a word for the lady behind the desk at the suntan business. I walked in and shared how much God loved this person (sorry, didn’t catch her name) and shared how I saw her. She lit up. I celebrated Jesus.

We rolled back in around 5PM (same day service, bam!) and I asked Sue if she had any pain in her body. At that, her husband, Kim, came out from the back and joked, “she needs lots of prayer!” I didn’t realize he was joking at first and began asking what was going on. Turns out she was fine other than having right knee issues. I prayed for her knee and she looked awe-struck toward her husband. The look of elated surprise never grows old. Kim told us how they were from Korea and had moved here years ago. They were once Buddhists but had given their hearts to Jesus and were heavily involved in a local church. God gave us encouraging words for both Kim and Sue. We celebrated Jesus. Can I/we ever over-celebrate Him?

Kim began talking about how much he wished he was like us, bold Christians. I told him it was Jesus inside us, and that anyone who has Jesus in their hearts, can treat others the way they would want to be. Right then a lady came through the door and I saw opportunity. Look, Kim, like this: Hey, excuse me, mam. We were just talking about how lovely Jesus is and I want to remind you that He’s crazy about you. Can we pray for you? Naturally surprised: “Well, sure!” Brought Kim over to hold hands with her and asked him to repeat a quick prayer after me. He did. Hugs went all the way around.

Thank You God for Kim & Sue and all those who you desperately love. Crush fear in us, let love live!