Caroline & Caitlyn.

[Risks No. 559 & 560] I was nominated for an early grocery run to Publix. I recall specifically asking God for opportunities to be and model love. I wonder how often I don’t invite Jesus right into the middle of my fears and insecurities. Probably more than I know. He’s so willing to engage me and crush all that isn’t from Him.

I asked Caroline how I could pray. “I need peace in my life.” Her black right eye was undeniably noticeable. I asked her about pain. Turns out she had just been diagnosed with a heart condition. We held hands and prayed. Tears welled up in her eyes. God is so crazy about the Caroline’s of the world.

At checkout, Caitlyn told me her grandparents were driving in and that she had awoken to a sharp headache. Prayed for her headache and on the time with her grandparents. Her response caught me way off the guard. “This is the best morning of my life.” All I did was love her and remind her how much Jesus cares. Maybe I ought to be treating a moment in God’s presence as the best time of my life. Thank You, Jesus, for what you reveal to me through others.

Bless Caroline and Caitlyn today – grow them all the more in You!