Costo run.

[Risks No. 562-566] Karen greeted me as I entered Costco. I felt she might have some pain-issues. I asked. Turns out she had bulging discs and torn hip ligaments. Held her hands, prayed for her and watched as she began crying. “You must have been sent by God!” Yes! Here I am, send me, God!

Tyler tried selling David and I direct TV when Jesus turned sales pitch into an opportunity for us to pray for him. It’s amazing how Jesus can help us so quickly redirect focus. I think that may have been a first, though.

Prayed for another Karen who had just experienced a hip replacement. She wasn’t in any pain and was mostly recovered.

Sue had a broken wrist and no pain. She agreed to let me pray for her wrist and while my hand was on her wrist she asked me to pray for her butt. I thought for sure I had misunderstood her. I’m sorry, pray for you’re what? “My butt, I fell and it’ sore!” That was unquestionably a first. I obviously did not lay hands (other than on her wrist), but I did pray for her butt and God’s willingness to fix it. David was laughing as we walked away talking about the interesting dialogue we can enter into while offering to pray. The point is, God cares – about it all.

On our way out we prayed for Dave’s left foot fractures.