Justin, Jackie & Dale.

[Risks No. 567-569] I was working on getting some things settled with a new bank account when it dawned on me just how complicated the process was. I first called to begin the process. That risk is documented here.

Next, I went into our local branch and was informed the specialist I needed to speak with was not there. I scheduled an appointment for the following day. I knew I’d be meeting a “Justin.” Prior to my appointment, I prayed and asked God if there was anything He’d like to convey to Justin. I sensed clear instruction. I went into the branch, met Justin and realized at that point I hadn’t scheduled enough time with him to settle all our banking needs. We rescheduled for the next day. Fun times!

I asked the Lord again about Justin and sensed peace over what He had originally shown me. Toward the end of our meeting, I shared something along the following lines: “I see you as the kind of person who loves to outdo others in showing brotherly affection and honor. You’re actually really big on helping bring people up around you. You really love seeing people growing in their skills and talents. I sense that until now you’ve only known Jesus through the spirit of religion, but this is going to be the year where you experience him by the Spirit of freedom.” As is par for the course, I rarely know if I’m hearing accurately until I see tears, nods, heads shaking or that puzzled look that spells all too well, “I have no clue what you’re talking about!” Risk!

Held hands with Justin and prayed God would bless him wonderfully and draw him deeper into Jesus. He thanked me with the big words, “you just made my day!” God is so good. Justin walked me out of his desk area where I noticed Jackie and felt God gave me a word about her back. Are you dealing with some disc issues or some problems in your back? “How did you know? Did you just guess that?” No, I’m learning to hear from Jesus and I felt He placed that thought in my heart. May Justin and I place our hands on your shoulder and pray God heals you? “Sure!” So sweet to bring Justin into the process. He was radiating. Tears were the first obvious outward sign that God was at work. “I feel peace and I just feel a burden has been lifted. I so needed this TODAY.” Justin chimed in on how she had told him earlier about how much her back was hurting and how DR’s hadn’t been able to diagnose the problem.

I walked out of the door as a limping man walked in. Hey, excuse me, sir. Do you have any pain in your legs? What’s causing the limp? “Accident.” Can I say a quick prayer that Jesus restores your leg? “Go ahead.” Placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed. Smiled at him, blessed him, and moved on full of joy in the Holy Ghost.

More, Lord!