Wrist Woman.

[Risk No. 597] It’s crazy, funny, kind of weird, but an obvious change that has taken place in me over the past couple of years. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I seem to notice even the most minor of physical issues/challenges/abnormalities. In this case, a woman (who’s name I didn’t catch and didn’t want to blow my chance of praying for her by re-asking for the third time!) was cautiously carrying her coffee to the table next to us when I noticed a small black immobilizer on her right wrist.

When she and her guy friend got up to leave I asked what was going on. “Oh, it’s preventative. I’m a massage therapist and don’t want to hurt my wrist.” Ah, gotcha. But it’s not hurting right now? “No, I just don’t want to hurt it.” Hmm, smells like unfounded fear to me. Can I say a quick prayer asking Jesus to keep it strong for you? God’s given me a compassion for this sort of thing. After a long pause: “Well, I guess so, as long as you’re really quick.” She stretched out her wrist and I spoke a very short prayer over it. Blessed her and thanked her for allowing me to pray. Fairly awkward but I’m grateful for the opportunity no matter how seemingly small.