[Risk No. 598]  A friend and I were grabbing a beer at M.L. Rose where we met Brittany. Before we left I asked Brittany how we could pray for her. She struggled to find the words or a quick response. I broke up the awkward silence by asking if anyone had ever asked before. “Not since I’ve worked here. It did happen once when I worked at Chili’s a long time ago.” Oh, cool. I then shared what I felt the Lord was placing on my heart for her. I expressed God’s care for her, that He sees her as a daughter, and that He was guiding her through major decisions she was making. “Oh, wow, this is getting weird! You’re going to make me cry!”

Little did I know, she had just made a really tough decision to ask her roommate to move out the night prior. She was torn up over it and even though what I said was a future decision, it didn’t seem to matter one bit to her and she received it as massively applicable to her life. Brian and I prayed over her and encouraged her. I asked for a hug. She quickly obliged.

God is love.