[Risk No. 599] I thought I had recorded this one from last year but while searching for it I just couldn’t find it. The beauty of learning to live love is that taking risks is part of who God is making me, not what He is making me. I’m not a what, I’m a who: son. It’s all about who and who’s we are.

I recognized Rion on my way out of the restaurant and said hello. She didn’t seem to remember me until I asked how her neck was and that last time I had seen her we had prayed for her neck. “Oh, it’s better! Not 100%, but it is better.” I asked if we could pray again. “Well, I guess that would be OK considering last time you prayed it did get better.” We held hands and prayed a quick blessing over her and commanded her neck and spine to be aligned and for any pain/stiffness/soreness to leave.

She thanked me, I thanked her, and we hugged. Smiles and hugs run on the currency love produces.